Pregnancy in Germany

In labour, my face
tells it all.

Moving from Ghana to Germany has been one of the most life changing decisions I have ever made. As we all know, it is not easy to just uproot your life from one country to a totally different country with a different culture. After being in Germany for a short time, I Continue reading “Pregnancy in Germany”

Moving to Germany

KLM airplane at boarding gate

A week after our court wedding, we applied for a family reunion (immigrant) visa through email and requested that I don’t take the A1 language test as I hold a first degree from a recognised university. I was given an appointment date to come to the German embassy for interview. A couple of weeks after that, my husband flew back home to Germany to prepare for me to join him. Continue reading “Moving to Germany”

Our court wedding

Reading our vows in the Bolgatanga Magistrate court

When my boyfriend came to visit for the third, I had resigned from my work place and I was free and had enough time for him. I travelled to meet him in Accra and we stayed at the Sheridan hotel for about five days. Within those days, we bought a car and he drove us from Accra to Tamale. In Tamale we stayed at my apartment. And since I was free, we decided I join a driving school to learn. I enquired about driving schools and registered with one called Johnson driving school. It was a good one.Though we were only two women in a class of about twenty five, it wasn’t intimidating. They taught the theory and practical really well. Thanks to them I know how to change a tire and this came in handy twice when we were stranded on the Zebilla road with a punctured tire. Continue reading “Our court wedding”

10 things to do before coming to Germany

Are you coming to Germany from Ghana or Africa for the first time? Here is a list of 10 things to do before coming. This list was inspired by what I went through when I first came as well as stories by friends and family. It is in no way a comprehensive list of things to do before coming. It is just a basic guide I recommend to first timers “Johnny just come”: Continue reading “10 things to do before coming to Germany”