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Just me 2010

After I finished  doing my national service in Agona, in kumasi, I decided to look for a job just like graduates do. I moved back to Accra   where  I attended University (the University of Ghana,Legon) a year before . I stayed  with one of my friends who was generous enough to let me stay for free(yes there are still kind people around).

While there ,I sent applications to different institutions including Health Insurance Authority and Zenith Bank. One day my friend invited me to her church and I reluctantly agreed to go with her.It was one of those small churches with young pasters who are also prophets. After the main service, there is a consulting session where members are told things about their lives (prophecies) and asked to buy handkerchiefs and “blessed” olive oil for further prayers and rituals.

I was really not into stuff like that but my friend being such a believer and a good friend, interested in helping me get a job, encouraged me to go for the consultation and I did. The young paster, (about 24 years old)  barely older than me then asked me what my problem was. I told him I was looking for a job and had an interview the next Thursday.

He proceeded to tell me that he saw that I would get married in 3 years’ time and to whom. He also said I would encounter some problems so I should buy the handkerchiefs and Olive oil and do some rituals during the week and return on Sunday for further prayer.

Being a non-believer in such things, I didn’t do any of the things he asked me to . Besides I thought it was;

  • unrelated to my current situation(job hunting,which was the reason I went there in the first place)
  • waste of money
  • waste of time.

I didn’t go back and spent the rest of the days preparing for my interview on Thursday at National Health Insurance Authority(NHIA). Two years later, some of the things the paster prophesied came to pass , some didn’t but that is a topic for another post.

On the Interview day, I woke up early,bathed and dressed,took trotro (the most common public transport in Ghana) to NHIA and waited for my turn in the waiting room.I was called in(nervous as can be), met the CEO only to be told there were no vacancies at the moment and thanks for com. Can you imagine? After all the hope I had,only to be told no vacancies? Why didn’t they just cancel my appointment?. Hmm, I was so disappointed and angry.  I took trotro back to my friend’s place .

Some weeks after I sent my application to Zenith Bank headquarters,I was called to come write an aptitude test. I had no idea what it entailed so I spoke to one of my friends from University who had already written one from the same bank. He told me to study up on GMAT, which I did the night before the test day.

After writing the aptitude test, I had no hope of being called for an interview because the test was quite difficult and I did not think I would pass. Also, most people have people (connections) who help them get the job and me not having anyone in that place gave me even less hope. However, to my surprise, a week or two later, I was called to come for an interview. I was so happy and hopeful again.

On the interview day, I was a bit late but lucky for me, they interviewers were  not yet in and we had to wait for them. When they finally came, we were ushered into a room in the building and divided in to about 4 groups.

We were then given some articles to read after which we were asked questions. I was a bit intimidated and did not answer first. Those confident enough to answer were chosen and the rest of us were let go. I was so disappointed in myself because I knew the answers but let self-doubt get in the way. To date, I still think about that and took some lessons from it.

After these two major disappointments and others, I decided to move back to my aunty in kumasi to try there as well.

After applying to different places including Guinness, I was called for an interview at Fidelity bank . On the interview day, there were many people and we waited for our turns. We were asked different questions and I did not here from them afterwards.

One day whiles shopping in Adum, Kumasi,  I got a call from a man offering me a job opportunity in Tamale (appro. 4-5hrs from Kumasi). Apparently, one of my friends had submitted an application for me. I asked about the salary and he said I should come for an interview and we would discuss it there.

I went back home, packed up and prepared to go for the interview. The next day, I boarded a bus to Tamale. Upon arrival, I went to stay with one of our family friends who was married and living in Tamale. The next day , I went  for the interview and was given the job. I was the Adiministrator for Sekaf Ghana Ltd. A  Shea and Cashew nut procurement company as well as shea based product manufacturing company. Though the salary was not competitve, they offered me accommodation as well as other incentives. It was one of my happiest experiences.

Searching for a job in Ghana and even anywhere else can be daunting and frustrating but never give up, be confident and have faith in God, Allah , the universe or whatever you believe in.





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  1. Interested in the prophesies. Probably the ones you haven’t witnessed are yet to be. Awesome read!

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