How I met my husband

After finishing my National service and moving from Kumasi to Accra to look for a job, I decided to try online dating , something new to me. I researched different dating websites but didn’t find any that I liked. I then went on the Classifieds section on Ghanaweb and after looking through, I found an ad about women interested in dating white men and decided to email the person who posted it. She emailed back telling me to send her my pictures so she would add to a German dating website. , which I did and never heard from her again. At least not until after a year.

A little over a year later, I went to my cousin’s salon to get my hair done in Navrongo. While there, I had a call from a woman asking if I was still interested in meeting a white man. I was initially confused because I had honestly forgotten I had joined a dating website. After a moment, I remembered I had sent her my pictures ,a year earlier, to put on a dating website. It had been a little more than a year actually,why wouldn’t I forget?

Anyway, I said yes and she told me someone had seen my picture and was interested in contacting me so I should be expecting a call from the person. Low and behold, a few days later I got a call from a white man saying he was already in Accra and would like to meet me. I was quite surprised because I thought he would have at least, called from his country before coming, but he also thought I was living in Accra. When I joined the dating website, I wrote Accra as place of residence because that was where I lived at the time . I told him I had moved to Tamale for a job and needed a week to get permission from my Boss and to also prepare (put my office affairs in order) before I could travel. In the meantime, we chatted on Gmail everyday and got to know more about each other.

After I got permission, he offered to pay for me to fly over because to him, taking a bus took too long. I guess we were both too excited to waste time. He bought me a Starbow plane ticket and I was beyond excited . It was my first time to fly. First times are the best . I flew over, met him for the first time at the hotel. I had never been so excited especially because I was just out of a bad relationship and was down. We had such a connection and I was really happy to finally meet him.I could not even eat dinner when it came time to eat. We decided to go sight-seeing within Accra and it’s environs for the first week before going to Tamale where I lived.

National Museum Ghana

We first visited the National Museum, where we saw different traditional artifacts including traditional swords, cooking utensil,stools and many everyday tools used by our ancestors and preserved neatly over the years . If you have never been, you should try to visit to see how our Ancestors lived and learn about our history. I still beat myself up for having attended University in Accra and not visiting at that time. The only downside is you have to pay to take pictures but it was still a beautiful experience.

Aburi Garden

We then visited the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum , the Cape coast castle ,The Aburi garden and the Kakum National park.

After touring Accra, we decided to go to Tamale where I lived and worked. He wanted to fly over because it takes about 9 to  10 hours by bus. But I recommended boarding a bus because I felt he would see more of Ghana that way, boy was I wrong. Through out the journey, he kept asking at every Bus stop if we had reached Tamale and this was beginning to annoy me. When we finally did reach, he vowed to never take a bus in Ghana and I don’t blame him.

Once in Tamale, I introduced him to my boss and friends .I told some of my family members about him over the phone as I could not physically do so.  They lived in a  different  town which was a bit far from where I was. Besides, he did not have too much time left and it wasn’t like he was not coming back. We therefore planned to do that the next time he came to Ghana.

Modern City hotel

Finding a decent guest house in Tamale was a bit difficult. So after hopping from one guest house to another and being dissatisfied, we  decided to stay at the Modern city hotel . It was such a beautiful hotel . The room was  very spacious, clean and well organised . It even had a small living room, I guess for Business people. We stayed there for five days . The restaurant on the other hand was very disappointing. They were inconsistent with the food and made mistakes with the bill.

Thinking about it, why didn’t I offer to host him in my one-bedroom apartment?  Upon second thought, I guess it is because I was too ashamed . See, the room itself was not too bad, it is just that  the toilet in the house was a squat toilet and mostly filthy (you know how it is in compound houses) and I didn’t think he would be comfortable living there. Even as a Ghanaian, I was not  comfortable with that condition. How much more a foreigner?  But for the luck of other options, I wouldn’t have rented that apartment.

Kotoka International Airport waiting Area

After spending three weeks in Ghana and two of those with me, it was time to go back home. One of my friends and I went to see him off at the airport. As time conscious as he was, he made us go to the airport very early (five good hours early) and we had to sit at the waiting area for about four hours before check in time. I can still remember how emotional an evening it was. As we waited for time to start checking in, he said he wished he could put me in his bag and take me along, with so much sadness in his eyes. Unfortunately, we all know that was impossible. When it was finally time to check in, we gave each other a long hug and said our goodbyes with the promise to keep communicating online and by phone.

To be continued…..

Love is a beautiful thing and everyone deserves to be loved. Do not give up if you have not yet found your” THE ONE”. Keep hope alive. It will happen when it is supposed to. Now am getting too sentimental.

I would like to hear yours. Please share in the comment section. Thank you!

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  1. Wow, that was God sent n when he does he does it well. Thank for sharing n believe that nothing on this earth can come in between u two except The almighty. . May he increase your love for each other n the kids in Jesus name .

  2. Am so happy reading your story.God continue to bless your union. I like the white men because they know how to treat women. i have also tried some online dating sites but not yet lucky. Am really happy for you. Your story inspires me a lot.

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