Second visit to Ghana

Sheridan Hotel Ghana

The second time my boyfriend  came to visit was in January, about a month and some weeks later. This time, I went and met him at the Kotoka International airport, Accra Ghana and we stayed at a hotel called Sheridan hotel. It is a 3 star hotel located at Coastal estates on the Spintex road. One of my close friends recommended it and am still grateful to her for that. It is a cozy hotel with friendly and enthusiastic employees .My favorite part is the beautiful garden with so many flowers and trees. It is especially conducive for families with active kids or just couples wanting a romantic picnic outdoors. The hoteliers (themselves a biracial couple) regularly engage with guests to make sure they are comfortable. After staying there for 4nights, we flew with Starbow airline from Accra to Tamale, Northern Region.

Once in Tamale, the issue of accommodation came up once again. We stayed in different guests houses and were  again disappointed with the services. The issues we had with most of the guests houses ranged from no running water (where you will be taking a shower with the soap on your face only to find out there is no water when you try to wash it off), to no electricity at night after you have been promised electricity through generator. My boyfriend being fed up, asked that we stay in my apartment. I refused because it didn’t have a proper functioning toilet (though I didn’t tell him this). This led to us to argue. We later made up and I agreed, so we moved to my place. When we moved in, to my surprise, he was ok with the situation. He understood it was temporary and was willing to adjust.

An elephant at the Mole National Park

We then planned to visit the Mole National Park  at Damango in Ghana. We decided to go on a saturday. We first rented a Pajero for a day and set off on Saturday for the park. On the way to the park, we visited the Larabanga mystery stone . This was however a bit of a disappointment as they had poured concrete over the small stone supposedly carrying the big stone. This took out the mystery behind the legend. We then visited the Larabanga Mosque at Gambaga. It is the oldest mosque in Ghana and has a beautiful architectural design and a rich history.

The Larabanga mystery stone Ghana,2012
The Larabanga mosque, Ghana 2012

After driving for about one and half hours on the rough red-dirt road, we finally arrived at the Mole National Park. We first went to the reception and organised a tour guide/ ranger for the safari. We were offered one of their Land Rovers for about hundred dollars, which we refused to take because it was too expensive and we had our own four-wheel drive. We drove our rented Pajero and the tour guide took us to the forest to see the animals.He made us to park by a pond which had crocodiles.

A pond at the Mole National park, Ghana 2012.

We saw elephants, antelopes, monkeys and even guinea fowls (Mahama’s I guess). I was so excited to see elephants in real life and so close. However, On the way back, one elephant came real close to our car and we were a bit scared. The ranger advised the driver to stop, and wait for it to pass. It didn’t seem interested in us and slowly danced its way back to the forest. After what seemed like forever, it was finally far from us and we breathed a sigh of relief . As we were hungry, we headed back to the restaurant. We sat outside by a pool and waited for our food orders to be fulfilled. We ate an unimpressive lunch and headed back to Tamale. Usually, guests spend the night and continue the next day but we still had enough time so we drove back the same day.

When the elephant came too close.

Back in Tamale, we planned to visit my family since we couldn’t the first time he came. About three weeks later, we once again rented the Pajero we had used before and drove about three and half hours to Zebilla, Upper East Region.

A village near Zebilla as seen from a mountain.

We checked in at the Zebilla social centre but am not saying anything about that place. As they say , when you have nothing good to say, keep your mouth shut. That evening, we went to my sister’s bar and I introduced my boyfriend to my family. We had a nice evening amist drinking and eating Ghanaian Kebab. The next day, we drove to one the mountains in Zebilla and I showed him the view from the top and the mining fields ( Galamsey) . We then drove back to Tamale .

Some few days afterwards, we flew to Accra and he went back home.

To be continued…

Thank you.

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